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Prosaletech Ltd. was founded by three highly experienced sales executive, to provide Business Development, Channel Management and Sales Services to vendors in the IT, Embedded and Consumer Electronics markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EMEA). Prosaletech is using network of local affiliate located in western, central and south Europe, Turkey, and India.

Prosaletech services aimed to ensure customer's a quick product and solution introduction into the market place by quickly building and deploy a regional sales channels network.

Prosaletech's network of affiliates located in different regions, allows for easy access to local sales channels, reducing the customers travel expenses and the cost of employing local sales people.

Prosaletech provides detailed monthly activity reports which include metrics for sales activity follow-ups and performance measurements.

Prosaletech's team, per request, could be "branded", giving the end customer the feeling he is working and negotiating directly with the OEM.

Our mission is to become part of your organization's day to day sales activity and help you to rapidly grow your sales.

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