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Direct Sales

Using Prosaletech's affiliates located in Europe, Prosaletech is able to promote the customer products within large OEMs in different market segments.
Prosaletech sales service includes an A to Z account management, account profiling, product presentations, training coordination and contracts negotiation. Prosaletech team could be presented as part of our clients sales force, giving the customer the filling he is working directly with the vendor.
A monthly report with achievement matrix is submited to the vendor, allowing a closed follow up on the sales activites.
Using our local affiliates for hot leads follow up, the vendor will reduce cost of travel and be benefited from fast realization of the lead and a swift turn in to a buying account, if proved to be real.

Business Developement

Using its knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the markets environment, following a set of preparation meetings with the vendors, Prosaletech will use it's network to promote and create co-operations and partnerships, within companies operating in the same market place or other target markets, which will be defined by the vendor, as part of it's marketing strategy. Co-operations with those parties will bring fast and better exposure of the vendor's products.

Distribution and Channel Management

In accordance with the customers’ sales targets and marketing strategies, Prosaletech will conduct research for sales channels which will best fit the vendor's product positioning in the targeted market. Prosaletech is offering a complete solution from channel search, locating and allocating the channels that will provide the best benefits in terms of sales and product exposure to the vendor's products.
Per customer request, Prosaletech will conduct, on the custome's behalf, the commercial contract negotiation with the channels, and will manage its ongoing activities. Activity management includes: Training coordination, joined customer visits, assisting on opportunities materialization, monthly activity reports and other services which will required by the vendor for better control of its distribution channels activities.

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